Archer has been calling me “honey” lately. It’s pretty adorable…

“Don’t cut yourself, honey” (this is a direct quote from Greg, uttered every time I use a knife)

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey!” (Upon seeing my finger bandaged… from cutting vegetables. Aforementioned concern not unwarranted!)

“MOMMY… LOOK, HONEY!” (Whenever trying to get my attention)

“I’m coming, honey” (said with a sing-songy lilt whenever I call him)

…. Seriously priceless. Will try to get a recording!

Meanwhile, Ellison finally started stringing some ma…ma…ma…mas together today :)

Midwinter Break

Archer had the week off from school. Here’s some things we did:

Trial soccer class
even getting to be in the class photo! (sans jersey; he gets that when he signs up for real)
Bouncy houses! Only one of a million photos that aren’t blurry (it’s that much fun)
Dipping a toe in at the park
Starting to climb!
Hanging with big bro
Swim lesson
Showing off my big belly in the jacuzzi
Painting – very proud of their red, right hands for some reason!


Archer: Mommy, was I a baby like Ellison?
Mommy: Yes! You were a baby about 2-3 years ago.
Archer: Why?
Mommy: Well, you were born in 2010 and now it’s 2014, and that was just a few years ago.
Archer: Oh….. [thinking] Mommy, were you ever a baby?
Mommy: Yep, I was a baby way back in the 1970s!
Archer: OH MY!
[he just calmly goes back to eating dinner while Greg and I try, unsuccessfully, not to laugh! I don’t know where he picked up that phrase, but he’s used correctly several times. ]


Mommy: Archer, we’re leaving in 5 minutes. You need to finish eating.

Mommy: Archer, we’re leaving in 3 minutes.

Mommy: Archer, one more minute.

Archer packs up his stuff, hops down off his chair, and says: Let’s rock and roll Mommy!

Mommy: [laughing, along with man sitting next to us] Did you just say it’s time to rock and roll?

Archer: Yeah! It’s rock and roll time!