All good

Yesterday was the dentist. Today was the eye doctor. At what point did they decide that adults wouldn’t like to get a special prize for being a good patient? And why don’t I get to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons as a part of my eye exam?

The best part – when E climbed on the black chair and Archer found the button to raise and lower him. They both found that hysterical. The doctor was terrified! Needless to say, I didn’t get a picture of that.



Archer meets Captain Hook and Wendy

Barbara, Archer, and I went to see Bellevue Youth Theater’s production of Peter Pan yesterday. Afterwards, Archer met Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Wendy. He wouldn’t get close enough to Peter for a pic and couldn’t take his eyes off of Hook. He was fascinated by the two hour show! I couldn’t believe he sat still through the whole thing, clapping enthusiastically, with the audience, asking questions in a whisper, and generally just being entranced by it all! He even wanted more when it was over! Maybe he’ll be in a play soon!


Fashion statement

Despite my best efforts to discourage this choice, my son likes to wear socks with sandals. I guess this is an inherent characteristic of a northwest native.