SAHM – day 3

Tuesday before Thanksgiving + 2nd Birthday, and we are hosting 7 adults and 3 kids. Lots to do!! Im getting into Martha Stewart mode. Archer was really great today! It did take me an hour to get him to nap, but he fell asleep and woke up happy. After he ate the last banana, I convinced him we just had to go to the grocery store to buy more. He totally fell for it. But he totally called me on our pre-grocery stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! They didnt have any bananas. At the grocery, he was so patient, just observing the holiday rush from the cart. The free bread and blue cheese samples helped too! (Who ever heard of a kid who likes Blue cheese??). Man is he a charmer too! No one can pass by without smiling at him.

Greg and I tried something new at bed time. We both sat with him. Im hoping some of Gregs mojo will rub off on me. Seems to be working (knock on wood). Still probably will call the sleep coach this weekend since hes waking up several times at night. Greg bought a cot and will sleep in there with him, but its too hard for me in my condition. Anyway, I cant sleep in there with a baby and Greg cant do that forever. But I feel like we might be making some progress :).

Book idea addition: shopping solo with a toddler. As a working Mom, I never really tried shopping alone with A. We either all went as a family or one of us stayed with A at home and the other went out (because it was usually the weekend). Im so used to just making a list and getting stuff done, but operating on toddler time is a whole new dimension! This chapter could just be a bunch of tips from other SAHMs or SAHDs on how to keep your kids engaged in the necessary errands. My tip: limit how many places you are going, keep each store visit as brief as possible, and offer a carrot (or banana). Oh, and use the seatbelt in the carts – yes for protection, but its an excellent restraint devices for climbers. Although I suppose its only a matter of time before A figures out how to unlatch it! Hes working on that skill now.